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October 27, 2005

Blogs & Development Thinking

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Tim Harford and Pablo Halkyard, co-authors of the World Bank Blog on how blogging will affect development economics .

….the playing field is much more level than it was even a year ago. Being a big organisation counts for very little in the booming world of blogs – what counts is quick, relevant content.

And if the playing field is being levelled within the developed world, just wait until the developing world starts to play the game. It’s already happening: during this summer’s Live8 campaign, some African bloggers started to complain that the concerts were irrelevant, patronising, or worse. Even just a couple of years ago, such dissenting voices from Africa would never have been heard. Huge sites, such as Harvard’s Global Voices Online, are gathering together the output of ‘bridge bloggers’ who read local blogs and comment in English. Some countries, such as Iran, have vast blogging communities; others are tiny but growing very fast.

It has never been easier for journalists to pick up voices from the developing world – or even for you and us to do so from our desks. People all over the world are talking, but only now can we hear what they’re saying.

Read the entire article — encouraging stuff.

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  1. People all over the world used to talk even before they started blogging.And people all over the world are still talking.But quality of the debate has improved because we can here them.Right?let us take the example of live8 concert.As far as i know purpose of the organizers of the concert was to mobilise the support of the people all over the world,and the people living in G8 countries in particular, and to force the G8 countries to cancell the debt of African countries.It is a fact that G8 countries indirectly control the economy of the African countries by controlling their wealth of the natural resources.It is also a fact that prosperity of the G8 countries can be partly attributed to their control of Africa’s natural resources.Everbody has the right to form and express his/her opinion about the concert.But how does it improves the quality of the debate?

    Comment by ak — October 27, 2005 @ 11:46 pm

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