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October 31, 2005

Happy Diwali

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Diwali Diya

A Happy Diwali to all, from IEB

And where relevant, a Happy New Year.

Pix courtesy Manish Vij


  1. Left should be left behind lest India gets left behind in the fast moving world of global opportunity and competition.

    Communists and Protectionists do not want Nuclear Energy, they don’t want Organized Retail? What do they want? To live dead doctrines of dead men from countries whose countries have rejected these ideas as unproductive?

    China has rejected Mao, and remains of the USSR are a reminder that Lenin and Marx have no room in today’s economies.

    Yet in India Communism rules, which is alright if voters want to vote Communist, but it’s not alright when Communists impedes progress, like they’re now by bullying the Congress party and M.M Singh:

    Nuclear Energy will boost India’s power output therefore Industrial Production, Commercial and Scientific Processes and be a shot of adrenalin to the GDP.

    Organized Retail will boost farm and industrial output as these stores need diverse inventories, give Indian consumers higher quality and unadulterated food, create jobs and expand the civic infrastructure, from roads, buildings, factories, rolling fleet and logistics – in short grow the economy.

    Protesting progress, clinging to the past while the poor starve and are denied basics of modern living like running water and 24/7 electricity at home are criminal acts against the poor of India.

    There’s this term “pissing in the ear” which means complaining without proposing a solution or whining for the sake of whining. Communists and in general all Indian Politicians should stop pissing in the Press’ and Nation’s ear and create programs that provide all Indians guaranteed:

    1. Water
    2. Electricity
    3. Education
    4. Access to modern health care
    5. Safety of self and property

    All above will only happen if India has adequate energy to create the infrastructure to meet demands of a billion people – translated loads more money than it ever had. And to make that type of money one has to stop thinking socialist or not and instead think India self sufficient and strong – whichever way.

    If the Communists do not want the common man to be left behind or crushed by a capitalist system then they have to train the marginal farmer new farming technique versus protesting new advances in farming. They have to teach a displaced worker in-demand work skills rather than condemn new types of jobs.

    Communists and other Protectionist politicians should learn how Micro Financing Programs can help the small farmer. Answers are obvious – by cultivating different crops in different ways. The challenge is to channel funds to trained farmers to cultivate short growing time crops which are easy and profitable to sell. Solution Oriented, Positive approach is to ask the Organized Retail sector what their projected demand is, and create a supply chain of high quality farm products grown in most modern ways, by small Indian farmers.

    To create a direct, profitable link between a small farmer and a large retailer is flattening poverty out of India, and that has to be everyone’s goal. If it ain’t they’re pigs.

    That will be good for the farmer, good for the consumer, good for the business owners, good for the country. Because what’s NOT good for the country is not to do anything to improve the farmers’ lot and to deny consumers’ choices where to shop and to foist the bania shops and power cuts on India.

    So stop pissing in the wind, Communists/ Protectionists and create a Utopia – we have the technology for it so why pit your will against it?

    Utopia is not when everyone wears the same subsidized clothes, it is when each man does the exponential most with all his abilities and in doing that sheds poverty, becomes strong and wears what he wants to because he can afford it. Government’s duty is to provide him the tools to get there, not to block his road.

    Comment by Nidhi & Jeet — October 24, 2007 @ 8:59 am

  2. The left are just Chinese stooge pigeons. They are very very obviously operated by the remote control of their Chinese handlers, who do not want India to compete for the same nuclear fuel sources as they themselves seek. China itself has a nuclear agreement with the US, but nobody here seems to know or care to show the public this simple fact. China is in the process of importing nearly 100 nuclear reactors from USA & France and it does not want any competition for fuel from India (if India decides to go for nuclear power in a big way). China would like India to be dependent on Middle East sheikhs for her energy needs and do some more minority appeasing to continue getting the all precious oil. Meanwhile the rest of the world would have moved on ahead and we would be as usual, LEFT behind alongwith the LEFT and a very sad man, who can only feel sad but do nothing to alleviate this. Surely we deserve better?!

    Comment by Dissenter — October 24, 2007 @ 3:47 pm

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