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April 22, 2006

The Chindia Debate at the PSD Forum

Filed under: Basic Questions,China — Reuben Abraham @ 1:29 am

The World Bank recently hosted the Private Sector Development Forum in Washington D.C. with the broad theme, “Markets and Growth: What, Where, When, and How?” Given the flavour of the month/year/decade, the PSDForum also hosted a panel on China and India. Pablo Halkyard at the PSD Blog links to the presentations made by Prof Yasheng Huang on what China can learn from India, Sridhar Ramasubbu of Wipro on what India can learn from the Chinese experience while Joerg Wuttle of BASF provides the outsider’s take on the Chindia debate. Some of the macro-economic numbers are dated, but other than that it’s worth a look, especially Prof Huang’s work.

Pablo also has an excellent round-up of articles written on the occasion of the World Bank/IMF meetings, especially about the soul searching on the future role of the IMF, even as it reports it’s first ever loss, a direct consequence of the stabilizing global economy. Of the stuff I’ve read thus far, I’d recommend Raghuram Rajan, Anne Krueger and Jeff Sachs.

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