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March 19, 2007


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This video of the Nandigram issue is distressing. I think one of the most cogent views on the SEZ issue are summed up by Nitin Desai in the article Are SEZs a good idea?


  1. I couldn’t watch it after a bit. Why should this be a surprise? Communists have murdered people before, both in Bengal and the rest of the world, in various gruesome ways. Here, apparently the police, and the cadres behind them were instructed to shoot at the belly level. Even small children weren’t spared. The present CM is as commited an ideologue as the worst of them.

    Comment by Corporate Serf — March 19, 2007 @ 5:14 pm

  2. The finance minister opposes more SEZs (fearing loss of revenue) while the commerce minster is pushing for more. conflicting intersts within the same cabinet. The long term solution is to make the
    whole nation a SEZ. that is, liberalise labour laws and reduce all
    tariffs and taxes. There will be loss of revenue, hence the govt
    will have to reduce its burgeoning expenditure and flab…esp the
    defence expenditure of some 90,000 crores p.a.
    a tall act to enact…

    SEZs are only short cuts for bye passing labour laws and taxes.
    so why not declare the enitre nation a SEZ, say within the next
    few years ?

    and corporates can and should directly negotiate with land owners
    for purchase of lands at market prices. how is the situation in
    western nations in this regard ?

    Comment by K.R.Athiyaman — March 19, 2007 @ 7:01 pm

  3. The peasantry has always been a problem. They are a pre-capitalist class and one of the objectives of the enclosure movement in Britain was to divorce peasants from the land so that they became agricultural labourers and allowed the capitalist transformation of agriculture, while also providing the raw material for the industrial revolution. Communists too have always viewed the peasant with suspicion—witness Stalin’s forced collectivisation of agriculture or the herding of peasants into communes in China.
    The problem in West Bengal is that the Communists themselves ushered in a revolution in the countryside by registering sharecroppers and by empowering the poorer strata of the peasantry on the other. Now that they have done a U-turn in their policy and are learning capitalism from China (where a massive state-sponsored land grab for industrialisation has been going on) they have to contend with a militant peasantry. And since the CPM is used to adopting Stalinist methods to get its way, the bloodbath was inevitable.
    Is industrialisation necessary? Of course it is. Will it lead to the destruction of the peasantry? Of course it will. And the process of transforming the peasant into an industrial worker, especially in today’s conditions of capital-intensive production, is likely to be severely traumatic for the dispossessed, occasionally flaring up into violence.

    Comment by akhondofswat — March 19, 2007 @ 7:04 pm

  4. Some newspapers outside West Bengal and people may have hallucination after the term COMMUNIST, but as people of West Bengal we have nothing.People outside West Bengal think CPM fight against exploitation and communalism, but as per our experince we don’t think so.One think you got to remind ,as per SACHAR COMMISSION in West Bengal the economic condition is worst,and as per the last report of H.R.D of GOV. of India West Bengal is in the 32nd position in primary education among 35 states. You may ask why ? The anser is , CPM i.s COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MARXIST) want this for their benifit.They need ignorance and poverty people for the sake of their rule.They rule the state with the help of POLICE and PARTY CADERS. As CADERS they need UNEDUCATED and POVERTY STRIDDEN people ,as in lieu of handful of ALMS they remain loyal for long time and they can be used in election or to drive away any person or group of people in benifit of the LOCAL COMMITEE SECRETARY of the party who has established a MAFIARAJ .Communists are always BLOOD-HOUND in West Bengal,not only today ,that makes anyone outside Benngal astonished.In Nandigram they ,i.e the party CADERS alongwith police killed more than seventy people ,raped at least ten Woman, I say it’s not new. In the first half of 80′s they killed at least 300 people in a island named MARICHJHANPI in the SUNDERBAN.In the 90′s the CADERS killed 16 hindu saints on a fly-over named BIJON SETU by FIRE ,in the start of new MELLIONUM they killed at least 20 people and drove away thousands of people in keshpore of MEDINIPORE. As the citizen of West Bengal we know communists walk each step thinking of their very very narrow party benefit ,i.e party burroucrat’s benefits ,whether it is anti- communalism or anty explitation. In the Indian stage of politics COMMUNISTS are most VULNERABLE actors and most trecherous as well.

    Comment by mousumi — March 21, 2007 @ 12:02 am

  5. Like someone said on TV, there should be a public hearing and I say (a public hanging) of the CM and his cronies. Nangigram sure got out of hand for the commies. I think people outside West Bengal do not really know the the ground reality in West Bengal. Is Buddhadev really committed to the development of Bengal? Or is it merely his way of staying in POWER? Does he feel for the people? Does he have a soul?

    Remember, these communists are the same people who have ruled Bengal for 30 odd years now. Now tell me how do you rule a state for 30 Long years? What is the magic formula? Are all the people so prosperous that they have voted the CPI(M) into power for the last 30 years with all their heart, with all their might, and all their soul? Wrong!! Here is the formula.

    1. Use an IRON hand to rule.
    2. Instill fear into the people’s mind.
    3. Keep the people illiterate and poor a.k.a. “Becharas.” This is critical. If the masses are literate (I don’t mean if a person can sign makes him a “literate.”), then they will THINK, they will ANALYZE, and they they will vote you out of power.. so keep them illiterate – keep them in the dark. Keep English out of primary eduction for 30 years (Yes, the commies have done that …NO ENGLISH till class five has only been started recently).
    4. How to build a vote bank over 30 years….very important. Number one. Get Bangladeshis from across the border, settle them, give them land (pattas) in Bengal, give them ration cards, voters’ cards…in lieu of votes. Do this systematically over 30 years. Yes, everybody knows about it…but no one has raised a voice. I know a lot of my friends who don’t have even a voter’s card, but the Bangladeshi who walked in yesterday has all the documents to prove that he is an Indian.. Strangely in the settlements where you find these refugees, you will find street lighting, a Primary Health Center, and all the public amenities. Long live the commies! Number two. If you have a section of the population who are not going to vote for you, have their names struck of the voters list. Number Three. Critical point. Give all the government jobs to the hard working CPI(M) cadres. In the police, in the education department, health department, everywhere…who do you think are getting the State government jobs – the cadres of course. In Nandigram, there were policemen and there were cadres in garb of policemen – but folks you forget the POLICEMEN ARE ALL CADRE. If you are not a CADRE, you don’t get a job in West Bengal!!!

    The communists, they are the very people who have opposed industrialization, and now they are making a U-turn. You can see the CM with the Tatas and the Salims. I have not seen the CM with with people…with the man with the ragged Bengali.

    I laud the people of Nandigram for fighting the powerful party – it has been a bold step, but it has shown the real faces of the communists and their modus operandi which is “Live and let die.”

    Comment by Pradeep — March 21, 2007 @ 6:55 am

  6. “People outside West Bengal think CPM fight against exploitation and communalism, but as per our experince we don’t think so.”

    Mousumi, not really. Our apparent secular media, print and TV, gives that impression and provides a cover for left wing politics – but most know that CPM stands for treachery and tyranny.

    But what we don’t understand is how come you guys keeping voting for them – for three decades now – every five years. Is it all because of their mafia like control over voting machine or do most Bengalis forgive and forget and repeat their ways again and again?

    Comment by Chandra — March 21, 2007 @ 8:57 pm

  7. All comments posted here is an anger out of frustration by anti-CPIM folks.

    What Really Happened in Nandigram, Here Is An Outline Of That:

    The trouble in Nandigram began with attacks on Panchayat members, administrative officials and police on 3rd. January, 2007.The following is a brief outline of what happened thereafter.

    1. East Midnapur was poised to be declared as “Nirmal” district, for excellent achievements in sanitation. A central team was scheduled to visit Nandigram on 13th and 14th January for this purpose. In fact, the central team has already visited other areas of the district and watched the noteworthy success in this regard.On 3rd. January, the preparatory meeting for the visit was taking place in Kalicharanpur Gram Panchayat office. Some activists of Trinamool Congress gathered there at around 11-30 in the morning. They demanded that the land acquisition notice, served by Haldia Development Authority had to be scrapped and the Panchayat had to declare that there would be no such acquisition. Samerun Bibi,the Panchayat pradhan ,refused to heed their demand. They were violent and abusive. They ransacked the Panchayat office .The Panchayat secretary was injured in their attack. The mob also pelted stones in the health sub-centre. Then only the Panchayat pradhan informed the Nandigram police station. As the police vehicle was proceeding towards the village, they were attacked by an armed mob.11policemen including 2 ASI were seriously injured. The police vehicle was torched. A rifle was also looted which was returned to police station later by TMC MLA Subhendu Adhikary. After some time another mob attacked a police car of Khejuri police station about five kilometers away and attempted to burn it. The police have not entered in the area since then.

    2. The miscreants started moving with arms and began to destroy bridges and culverts linking roads. They created an atmosphere of terror. On 4th.and 5th January, they virtually destroyed every link roads and bridges with Nandigram and Khejuri. They burnt a 25KV electric sub-station too. An armed gang with firearms attacked the CPI(M) local committee office in Rajaramchawk and burnt it. Cadres of TMC and other forces roamed around and threatened CPI(M) leaders and sympathizers with dire consequences. On those two days many houses of CPI(M) workers and sympathizers were looted. .A large number of CPI(M) workers were forced to leave the villages and took shelter in a nearby camp. That the mob was armed were seen in the photographs published in newspapers too. The entire incident was meticulously plotted.

    3. The ousted CPI(M) workers and their families took shelter in the camp in the southern side of the Bhangabera bridge in Khejuri area. On 6th January the miscreants of so-called Jami Rakkha Committee (a conglomeration of TMC, Congress, SUCI, Naxalite groups, Jamiat ulema-e-Hind) attacked the camp at about 3 A.M. They even prepared bunker for the attack. There was resistance from the camp and in the ensuing conflict three of the attackers died. One of them, Seikh salim was a resident of South Kendemari, about 12 Km-s away from the spot. It was evident that they gathered there to attack the camp in a planned manner.

    4. On 7th January morning, the miscreants attacked the house of Sankar Samanta, CPI(M) Panchayat member, looted the house, burnt it. They dragged Samanta to Shitpara and burnt him alive in a haystack.

    5. Bhudeb Mandal, another CPI(M) supporter was seriously injured in their attack. The miscreants left him ,assuming that he was dead. He however, regained consciousness and somehow reached to a relative’s house. Later he was hospitalized.153 houses were looted. The houses and shops of Lakhman Mandal, Sonachura Panchayat pradhan, Samerun Bibi, Kalicharanpur Panchayat pradhan, Arjun Maity, Dr, Pratap Paul, Rabiul, Annapurna Das-all CPI(M) workers were burnt.

    6. Among those evicted from the villages are 2 district Committee members of CPI(M),2 local committee secretaries,6 zonal committee members,16 local committee members and 56 Party members. More than 200 families were forced to stay in relief camp or relatives’ houses Later, the number surged and more than 2000 people were ousted from the village. Their houses are looted, lands were being forcefully occupied. Hundreads of people were forced to pay ransom.

    7. The attack spread to adjoining Khejuri and some parts of rural Haldia.On 7th February, 2007 a police party went in village to discuss the issues. They were attacked brutally and without any provocation. The local OC was seriously injured. .Even then the police did not retaliate and just returned back. The miscreants dragged Sadhucharan Chatterjee, an elderly police person and killed him. His body was fetched from the river after three days of search.

    8. On 10th. February,Sunita Mondal,a student of class ten,was brutally murdered after torture. Her body was found in a tree,with rope tied to the neck. Her father was ousted earlier by the miscreants. The police could not enter into the village to collect information even after such an incident. The members of State Women Commission were also resisted when they tried to investigate the matter.

    9. On 17th. and 18th. February, altogether 22 houses were burnt by the TMC miscreants. Many more families were forced to flee from the villages.

    10.On 3rd March, one housewife (name withheld) were mass raped by a gang of TMC miscreants led by Srihari Samanta, a local TMC leader. The victim is from a CPI(M) sympathizer family and refused to join the programme of Bhumi Rakkha Cmmitte .The victim was hospitalized and her entire statement has been recorded.

    11. The Chief Minister has stated categorically that there will be no forced land acquisition in Nandigram. On 9th February CM pointedly told in a public meeting in Khejuri that without the consent of the people of Nandigram nothing will be done. Later, in number of occasions in last one month, CM has stated in very clear terms that the proposed Chemical Hub would be shifted if the people of Nandigram did not accept the proposal. Even after that, there was no respite from the atrocities by Bhumi Rakkha Committee, making it amply clear that the question is not at all the “land acquisition” but a political strategy to maintain a forced acquisition of Nandigram by a combination of political forces.

    12. The district administration , meanwhile called a series of All Party Meetings and peace meetings, mostly boycotted by TMC,Congress and Bhumi Rakkha Committee.The last such meeting was organized on 10th. March where representatives from Left Front partmers and BJP were present.TMC, Congress and Bhumi Rakkha Committee declined the invitation. It was decided in the meeting that the administration would move to restore reconstruction work and normalcy in the area and anyone resisting the constitutional duties would be legally dealt.

    13. On 14th. March, the police entered the area after prior announcements with loud speaker. When they reached Sonachura, they were attacked with bombs and guns. In the ensuing confrontation 13 people were killed. One more person was killed in bomb injury.

    Comment by Ajoy Dasgupta — March 22, 2007 @ 12:45 am

  8. In reply to the comment by CHANDRA I am bound to say ,’no’,people here lost their voting right many years ago.I am a college student I have my personal experience of last two elections .CPM party keep busy their workers throughout the years in different kinds of elections,whether it is a club or co-operative or a school.Everywhere they use their their cadres to win with the help of police.(Some days before in a school commitee election in Burdwan district police killed a teacher by firing with the help of CPM cadres.)In all these elections their workers judge who are against them and before the general election they drive them away from their locality ,or give them caution not to go to the polling booth.In West Bengal you will get no job without the character certificate of CPM.They let the poor people do some kind of corruption ,yes a very much interesting tactics,to get them loyal to them.They provoke them to do so.In each area there is a local commitee secretary i.e LCS and he is the lord of the locality,not police or any other govt. official, his is the final say and people are bound to go to him for any kind of problem.And for his requirement crimnals and proffessional murderers are born ,yes, out of those very wretched poor and ignorant people and they are mainly from dalit i.e lower caste and muslims.And my frind , I am sure you can realize why communists and CPM (a political party of bengali brahmins and upper caste kayasthas) love to plough poverty and ignorance .I am sure elite intelectuals outside West Bengal have different opinion ,I request them to come and stay here in a village or township without exposing their identity , stay not more than seven days and they can realize what kind of party terrorism ,what kind of anarchy rules over here .

    Comment by mousumi — March 22, 2007 @ 12:45 am

  9. Most posts at this blog show a serious lack of understanding of a situation that needs more than a blinkered, callous and hateful vision.
    Nandigram was not born in a day. While the police action is condemnable, one feels that the critics/ haters of the Left Front Government must to answer some of the queries I would like to list below. As I have seen the entire episode from very close quarters and not from the cool ambience of a flunky office or cafe,I put forward certain questions for the critics to answer:
    1. Why was Nandigram made to burn at all when there was no acquisition in question. And if at all it happened the Chemical hub was to come up in 12-15v years time.
    2. Is it the letter, which was leaked with definite intention, containing the names of villages that were to fall if a chemical hub came in place was only to blame.
    3. When it was established that central officers had gone to the villages for survey on sanitation, why was people\’s passions raised, police attacked over rumours?
    4. The so-called anti-acquisition brigade consisting of Muslim-Hindu fundamentalist leaders, Trinamool and Congress hooligans (just check out the credentials of Khakan Shit from \’neutral but obiviously anti-Left\’ observers)dig up roads, destroy bridges? OOr why was Sadhucharan, an intelligence officer, brutally murdered and thrown into the river. All for the noble cause of saving farmland, isn\’t it?
    4. Was it not that the sole purpose was to preserve and spread anarchy?
    5. Why was it told that land, crematorium, worship places of only MUSLIMS would be acquired for the project?
    6. Why are 3000 innocents — including women and kids — forced to spend 3 months away from under the open sky with very little food and clothes?
    7. From where did the bombs and fire power come when the \’innocent anti-acquisition brigade\’ \’retaliated to so-called CPM attacks. And yet, we have to believe that on the day of the attack the goons who hid behind women and children were unarmed.
    8. Why were houses of CPM supporters burnt down or CPM leader killed and his body set afire.
    9. Why was a CPM supporter\’s daughter raped and unable to face the ignominy she committed suicide?
    10. Why did the Trinamool MLA deliberately skip all meetings called by the administration to bring peace to the area?
    11. When all other parties agreed to repair roads and ensure that the ousted villagers returned home, why was the process not facilitated?

    Friends, there are several other questions that need to be answered.
    If the March 14 firing was wrong, so was the incidents that led to that fatal day. It suits the critic to close yes on these issues. Be happy fooling yourself but don\’t try to fool all intentionally.
    Blind opposition of of the Left will lead the state nowhere. If it is a question of principle then lets debate and don\’t trivilise the issue by voicing personal diatribes. If you are serious about Bengal moving forward then stop voicing such nonsense.
    If the government and Buddhadeb have erred, then it is their belief that those who criticised CPM for not pursuing industrialisation with purpose in West Bengal would join their initiative to create jobs for the youth of the state.
    If you know economists,management teachers or business bosses ask if it is feasible to build factories only on land belonging to closed units. Ignorance may be bliss, but intellectually fatal too.
    And if you want to say that the Trinamool (read Mamata) and its lackeys really care for farmland and farmers\’ welfare then do travel to Burnpur. Here\’s why.
    The IISCO is being being expanded. The government has allowed IISCO to use fallow land or to be precide unused mine land. A Trinamool leader has moved court against it. If you do care for truth then make an on the spot assessment.
    After being reduced by the people to 30, the Trinamool desparately wanted an issue — and what\’s better than playing with the lives of innocent farmers.

    Comment by JOYJAY — March 22, 2007 @ 12:48 am

  10. In reply of the comments submitted by Ajay Dasgupta and Joyjay I got to refer to an important point and most of the part of the comments will find their base just nowhere.Who is the M.P of that locality? He is the almighty LORD of haldia LAKSHAN SETH Who is the M.L.A ? A CPI candidate.Whose are the panchayets? LEFT FRONT.Then where are the probability of provocation of TMC or NAXALS or BJP.People saw the fate of Singur and as about the fate of Nandigram was in the air from well before people were horrofied by the news of the notice submitted by Haldia Developement Authority and the news of the notice was proved truth when the chief minister himself asked to tear it off later.Then he said without people’s consent land acuisition in Nandigram will not be done, not only that ex chief minister JYOTY BASU informed nothing will be done by three months.But in the mean time the cadres of CPM started to acquire areas by force and in an encounter at least eight men were killed.Don’t surprise, this is their practice in West Bengal.The local people dug the roads to thawart the attack of the cadres of CPM sponsored by the LORD Lakshan Seth.All the local people were basically CPM but to save their land they got united and stand to fight against their own political party CPM.People’s demonstration were spontinuous and there were no role of any person other than the peasantry.Yes,remind Nandigram has a history of glorious TEVAGA( a pesant movement) movement ,it is that Nandigram where independant TAMLUK government was established in British Period in 1943 and longed independant for 19 months.I think with everything of humanity and education CPM did not keep this in mind.

    Comment by mousumi — March 22, 2007 @ 2:16 pm


    Nandigram: Let The Truth Be Known

    Prakash Karat

    The events in Nandigram, starting from the January 3 incident have been the subject of a heated controversy. A feature of this political tussle has been the concerted attempt to attack the CPI(M) on the grounds that it is taking an anti-peasant stance in favour of big companies. It is accused of using the police for this purpose.

    The March 14 incidents when the police entered Nandigram and police firing took place have led to protests in West Bengal and in other parts of the country. At the national level, the BJP and its allies have focussed on this incident. Parliament was disrupted for five successive days. The BJP and the Trinamul Congress have demanded the imposition of Article 356 in West Bengal. Some other opposition groups have demanded the removal of the Chief Minister.

    It is essential to understand what happened in Nandigram and what are the issues involved. First of all, it must be clear that the police action in Nandigram was not for any land acquisition. It is true that the West Bengal government had considered certain areas within Nandigram for the proposed chemical hub to be set-up as a Special Economic Zone. This was under the consideration of the state government. There was no notification for land acquisition by the authorities at any stage. There was a notice by the Haldia Development Authority for public information regarding the likely location of the project. It is this notice which set off protests by people in the Nandigram Block I.

    From 3rd of January to the 14th of March, what happened within Nandigram Block I should be properly understood. From the time a gram panchayat office was attacked and the police party called in was also attacked by an armed mob, a chain of events took place which culminated in the police entry into the area two and a half months later. All bridges and culverts linking the roads to the area were destroyed and cut off. CPI(M) offices and the houses of Party workers and supporters were burnt down or looted. Altogether, 2,500 leaders, supporters and members of the Party were driven out of the area. A detailed account of the nature of the attacks has been published separately in this issue.

    Most of the media and the political opponents of the CPI(M) have remained conspicuously silent about the operation to cleanse Nandigram of the CPI(M).

    It is shocking that many of the intellectuals who claim to be on the Left, have not said a word of condemnation about these cleansing operations which led to the brutal murder of Sankar Samanta, a CPI(M) panchayat member and Sunita Mondal, a school student. The lynching of a police sub inspector Sadhucharan Chatterjee was also received with no qualms. As recently as March 3, a woman was gang raped by men led by a local TMC leader. She was targeted because she belonged to a CPI(M) supporter’s family that refused to join the programme of the Bhumi Rakkha Committee.

    The TMC-Jamiat-Naxalite combination which spearheaded the Bhumi Rakkha Committee was able to keep the people mobilised with a fear that their land would be taken away. The Chief Minister had, as early as February 9, categorically stated that no land for the chemical hub would be taken from Nandigram, if the people do not want it. But, as the entire CPI(M) leadership including activists and supporters were absent from the area, the vicious anti-CPI(M) campaign playing on people’s fear about their land could continue without being challenged.

    The Nandigram events came in the background of the opposition launched by the same forces against the Singur automobile project. The Central Committee of the CPI(M) had met in Kolkata between January 2 and 4. It discussed the Singur project and endorsed the stand of the West Bengal CPI(M) and the Left Front government in going ahead with the Tata car project. The West Bengal CPI(M) leadership had also informed that no land acquisition would be taken up in Nandigram if the people are opposed to it. The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) had confirmed this after its meeting on February 17 and 18, when it stated that “There is no question of any land being acquired for the SEZ projects, as in Nandigram, against the wishes of the people”.

    It speaks for the character of the political combine that is spearheading the Nandigram agitation who, after knowing that the government is not going to acquire land in Nandigram, went ahead with instigating or condoning violence against the CPI(M)’s elected representatives in the panchayats, its local leaders, members and families. Certain NGOs with international links and the anti-Communist media have lent full support to this enterprise.

    It is these same elements who refused to attend all-party meetings repeatedly called by the district administration. The last all-party meeting held on March 10 decided that the administration should move to restore communications and normalcy in the area. It is in this connection that the police entered the area on March 14. In the ensuing confrontation, 14 people have died and many injured including policemen. The police were met with protests not only by the local people but from elements armed with bombs and pipe guns.

    The deaths of ordinary people in police firing is deeply regrettable. Such an event is painful and unfortunate. The CPI(M) would have liked a full-fledged judicial enquiry, so that all the circumstances which led to the police action and the firing could be looked into and the facts established. The Kolkata High Court, however, in an unprecedented step, without even asking the state government for a report, ordered a CBI enquiry on the March 14 incident.

    The police firing resulting in deaths has incurred the disapproval of different sections of people in West Bengal , a state which has a high level of democratic consciousness. The reactions against the police action in the rest of the country also reflect the same disapproval. Such reactions are understandable. But to link the police action to a purported drive to take over land from the peasants in Nandigram is a deliberate attempt to malign the Left Front government and the CPI(M).

    The issue of land acquisition and industrialisation in West Bengal is being viewed by interested quarters according to their own political and ideological predilections. While some of the neo-liberal supporters of the SEZs are worried that the Nandigram incidents will lead to a setback for the setting up of SEZs in the country, naxalites of various hues and persons like Medha Patkar are hoping that industrialisation in West Bengal can be halted after the violence in Nandigram. Both are on the wrong track.

    As far as Special Economic Zones are concerned, the CPI(M) and the Left Front government of West Bengal want major changes in the scope and character of the SEZs. In February itself, the Left Front government decided that new SEZs will not be set-up in West Bengal till the changes in the all-India SEZ Act and Rules are made. West Bengal will not adopt the type of SEZs being set-up in Maharashtra, Haryana and other states where huge tracts of land are being given to big business houses with ample scope for real estate speculation. The Left parties have already spelt out the changes required.

    As for those who want the Left Front government to give up its industrialisation policy, they will be disappointed. West Bengal will protect and further develop agriculture; the gains of land reforms will not be undermined but the emphasis on industrialisation will not be given up. The long years of deindustrialisation has to be reversed. Balanced economic development requires industrialisation within the capitalist framework too. If some argue that small and medium industries are sufficient, the CPI(M) does not agree. Large-scale units, particularly in manufacturing, are necessary.

    The CPI(M) will not be daunted by the gang up extending from the BJP to the Maoists. The people of West Bengal know who are the true champions of their interests and who are in the reactionary combine which is the TMC, BJP and its new-found allies. Those conversant with political history will also know how the CPI(M) has emerged as the leading contingent of the Left in West Bengal by steadfastly fighting back the repeated attempts by the ruling classes to rally all forces to isolate the Party. They have failed in the past and will fail again now.
    New Delhi , March 23, 2007

    Comment by Partha Roy — March 22, 2007 @ 4:03 pm

  12. fortunately , History pay back , CPIM also pay thier dues in very hard ways. CPIM govt. or LEFT front will be part of history by 15-08-2007 ( i think )
    but i cant identify who will replace them in westbengal , there must be a new / unique party or person who lead them .

    Comment by koushik — March 22, 2007 @ 5:23 pm

  13. [...] Over at IEB, I asked one Mousumi, a Bengali living in Bengal, in the comment section of a post regarding Nandigram, how CPM was able to retain control over the state for such a long time. His response mirrors exactly how Mao through Hu Jintao maintain control over the vast land of China. (There are also couple of party apologists comments on the same post. As usual, their fall back is lot of words with little substance and plenty of diversionary explanations.) [...]

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  14. At least going by Karat above.. the over zealous political parties are squarely to blame for all the events and propaganda. The symptoms and character of democracy in an undeveloped country? Why is it that protests do not come out from a majority public in unison rather than falling into cheap interests of anti-incumbent political parties. Why do governments fail miserably to communicate to the people the merits and intentions of its own policies. Or is it that there is no attempt at all to do so because the policies are borne out not keeping in mind the welfare but to take forward the agenda of a few agents.

    Comment by sri — March 23, 2007 @ 7:13 am

  15. Don’t you think english media is biased? When in Gujarat, govt was involved against a section of people, they made a hue and cry about it; sometimes even fuelled tension even when there was nothing serious. But they are all quiet when a section of people is brutally mistreated by Govt (for whatever root cause).

    Comment by Tarang — March 24, 2007 @ 6:54 pm

  16. This whole incident occured for a few people like Budhdha Bhattacharya,Biman Bose,Binoy KOngar,Laxman Seth and Nirupom Sen.All of them have been giving false statements from the begining and bisy doing “Trade Secret” with the industrialists.Industry is for the people and you cannot take away the right of common men’s knowing facts in the name of “Trade Secret”.They never bothered to make any official announcements of wheere they would not take land(Example: Nandigram)which they had to do later.

    These group is dangourous for the future of bengal and all of them if not removed from power immidiately the state will be further pushed down.This people are so dangourous and antidemocratic that they have started to question about HIgh court’s and CBI’s authority.They have the fear inside about the guilt that they have did for so many years.People have now started to understand all the “Secret Trades”.

    Comment by Abhijit — March 26, 2007 @ 11:40 am

  17. CPM for no less than 30 years are gaining a main advantage as W.BENGAL lost its importance in all indian politics.No main strem party like CONGRESS or BJP bother what is happening in W.BENGAL and what not.They need some number of seats in LOKSABHA in favour of them and need the support of CPM,its nothing important to them as in what price or way they might have achieved .In 1977 it was BJP who had the support from CPM and now it is CONGRESS.BJP have no strengh in W.BENGAL and CONGRESS are getting to be finished.CPM and TRINAMUL CONGRESS , two local parties are mainly two contestant.Think it from historycal background there is a tremandous fight between eastern-zone BRAHMINISM and its north zone or original counterpart.In the history of BENGAL there was no original BENGALI king.Not even the migrated brahmins ruled Bengal,allways any Samanta or Subedar coming from North Indian ruller took the charge and as any opportunity comes he became so-called indepandent ruller or the king.The chance came to Bengali-Brahminism as the Mughal Empire got perished.Bengali-Brahminism hold the hands of British ruller and reached the peak ,the first in the history of India they reigned over Northen India Brahminism ,but it’s due to him Bengali Brahminism gets lost ,Bengali Brahimanism lost controling power of the political party establised mainly by their initiation.As Subhas Bose lost the Presidential Election of Congress,the defeat of Bengali Brahminism is final.The mother party of CPM was developed in West Bengal using the anger on Gandhi of Bengali people,as we have in differant Bengali novels describing that period like “PREM NEI”(“THERE IS NO LOVE”,name translated by me for readers understanding )(ANANDA publishers)and therafter CPM after its seperation from mother party CPI used it more succesfuuly,and they even established it into the people that even if the people vote for them the centre will surely break it,as we see it in diferent books like the SHORT STORY collection ‘O COMMRADE-ek jug tero galpa by SAILEN SARKAR (GANGCHILL publication) ,this curtain of doutfullness abot the central politics is the main asset of CPM politics ,according to them BJP is COMMUNAL and be aware don’t go to them, and congress is a party of capitalists.As inhabitants of W.Bengal we know CPM is both but only due to the traditional anti Norh-India fight Bengalis are now ether CPM or TMC and CPM with its police,party MAFIFIAISM will continue to retain its power and get to wait of the outburst of people as we saw in USSR,RoMANIA,YUGOSLAVIA,ALBANIA or HUNGARY.

    Comment by mousumi — March 26, 2007 @ 3:13 pm

  18. Hey guys simple- just ask the cpim who funds them, ask them whom they are not with, whether cong, bjp, whatever.. ask them if their party has not been suffering from schizophrenia right from the outset- in kerla it was known as the undumille (yes and no) nyayam. When they say something, they cannot be trusted. Not only in Bengal everywhere in the country they did and continue to do things which would make Marx turn in his grave. This party can teach Hitler a lesson or two. the way they dealt with the naxalites when teh party split or the way they have been behaving with SUCI which is involved in this movement is enough to tell us of their culture. Is this not the party which murders and rapes people and then puts theblame on victims and arrests and harasses them, implicates them in false cases?? Ask the victims in Nandigram. They will tell you. CPI(M) ideology- serve capitalism, practice- annihilate any dissent within or without the party, modus operandi- use the State machine it is your henchman.
    Just see what lies they will now propagate to make their cadres look like angels. Have you heard of any ruling party cadres feeling helpless after 30 years in power? Big joke

    Comment by s227 — March 26, 2007 @ 3:43 pm

  19. Buddha deva is old murderer from Bengal. He under the orders of Jyoti Basu murdered 17 sansasins of Ananda Marga in Bijon Setu, on 30th April some 20 years ago. Bengalis were sleeping then, hope they wake up now. So many saints and nuns and relief workers of Ananda Marga were murdered in Purulia, Siliguri and Kolkatta by the CPM cadres after branding them child lifters. Justice is still awaited.

    In Nandigram some 300-500 people were killed by cold blooded planning by police and CPM cadre and their corpses were taken away by trucks and tractors… only 16 bodies were found so the official count is 16. Equal number (300-500) of women were gangraped by the CPM goons…. they are still alive and undergoing treatment in various hospitals…. Some 50-100 children are also missing …. they were chopped mercilessly in front of their family members…

    Bengal needs another revolution to throw away the Marxists …. the brave people of Midnapur have shown the way… We salute these courageous sons/daughters of bengal for their strong fight against injustice and tyranny.

    Comment by Soumen Das — March 28, 2007 @ 2:33 pm

  20. The Nandigram genocide is not the first one under the CPM rule,there is the case of MARICHJHAPI.I heard it from my father.We are basically migrated from East Pakistan.We,i.e my father and my grand-fathers.They were offerd by the then Govt to go to inhabitate to Danyakaranya and Andaman.But the then Communist Party did propaganda that there are tigers and RAKSHASH(as Surpanakha of THE RAMAYANA).Don’t laugh,mind that , in 1947 and really thousands of pennyless ,ill fated and ignorant people.Communist party said, there is enough land to let them live in West Bengal.My father believed the Communist Party and stays here, but one of my related uncle went to Dandyakaranya and after many years somehow he came to know a newly born island in the SUNDERBAN may be avilabe to live .In the midway of 80′s he is then near 60,WEST BENGAL is then under the rule of this Left Front, lead by as usally CPM. Hundreds of people came from Dandakaranya to MARICHJHAPI,just with the hope that Communist Party i.e CPM will do something for them now,and this hope was not unjustified as this is the same party or front that discouraged them from going to Dandakaranya and said that there is enough land for there and they are always and will be with them.What was the fate of the wretched reffugees? The Chief Ministr was then THE GREAT JYOTI BASU-the blue eyed boy of ALL INDIA MEDIA.The Island was GHERAOED from three sides only one side were kept open for the wretched reffugees to flee away.It’s of very importance to say about the rivers of SUNDERBAN. They are very dangerous in any time with its crazy character ,alongwith crocodiles and sharks.All the boats of the Island were siezed before ,so when the police of kind hearted JYOTI BOSU started firing from three sides the persons alongwith woman and children,who were not lucky enough to die ,had to go to the lone side that was let free for the people to flee away ,and as soon as they dived into the dangerous river either they died drowning or became the prey of CROCODILES or SHARKS.My father say, JYOTY BOSU was a family friend of INDIRA GANDHI and as all India Press thinks CPM PARTY OF ANGELES sent by the almighty to do good for poor and wretched people, nothing was done and no punishment, and no hue and cry in the Indian Press. Yes, almost everyone alongwith woman and children ,at least 500(FIVE HUNDRED) people. My related uncle with his wife and sons as well.

    Comment by mousumi — March 29, 2007 @ 12:03 am

  21. In my previous comment of March 29 @12:03 I made a mistake and there was an incompleteness.Firstly The MARICHJHANPI genocide was happened in 1978. CPM came into the power in 1977, and just for this reason the refujees of Dandakaranya thought now is the time of going back,they thought CPM will extend their helping hand.But it did not happen and what was happened I mentioned it before.Secondly ,in central,the prime minister was Morarji Desai-with one leg of power as BAJPEYI-ADVANI-s and other leg of power as JYOTI BOSU-s.And thirdly in that genocide the CPM party cadres participated alongwith the police as we now see in NANDIGRAM.There was no arms in the hands of the refugees.They had just the faith that CPM can do no wrong ,though some people left the island before the day of the incident ,maximum of people remain there .And yes, no less than 500 people were killed.

    Comment by mousumi — March 29, 2007 @ 1:26 pm

  22. I have gone thru all the comments so far posted here & I’m almost convinced that all the evils ,horror, injustie , crime, atrocities etc of west Bengal are the act of present govt- well, almost convinced ….. But just tell me one instance , just one one instance where the all caring lady supremo or her party or her present opportunist cronies ever came to take part in any discussion, debate in any democratic ,civil forum ever since they have been reduced to single MP& 35 MLA party

    Comment by soumya mitra — March 29, 2007 @ 10:29 pm

  23. the present antigovt force is the mastermind of the dregs of the society goons , otherwise why the crime chart of w.bengal climb-up when the TMC & THEIR CRONIES agitate ? where from the fund comes for road shows of fast in Esplanade in Kolkata party rallies and buy the electronic media of TARA T.V.HOW MUCH FUND 35 mlas 71 mp can generate TO SUSTAIN THESE SHAMEFUL AGITATIONS?

    Comment by soumya mitra — March 29, 2007 @ 10:41 pm

  24. CORRECTION:35( thirtyfive) MLAs & 1(one) MP not 71 mp.

    Comment by soumya mitra — March 29, 2007 @ 10:45 pm

  25. The style of production of GOONS IN W.BENGAL is unique.Politicians from U.P. or BIHAR can’t even imazine of it ,so sophisticated,and with so nicely designed packaging that they should come here to the COMMUNISTS to take a 5 years degree course.It’s masterminded by master leadership.This CPM leadership was always against developement of industry ,for their militant trade unionism in the 60′s and 70′s the industrialists were bound to leave W.B.Now the number of registered unemployed people here is no less than 70 lacs.The people with their family had the lone destination of footpath .And they are now mainly footpath hawkers, thogh to get a piece of space in the footpath they have to pay to the party cadres and used to pay regularly.And as soon as their sons found to get a secured life it’s better to enlist their name in CPM’s logbook they did so and crossed first step of being a GOON.They had to serve for the party leaders yes, CPM party leaders ,who for more than twenty years are very much busy in promotership in the land of closed factories and to drive away the labourers living in the factory quarters and now to bound the unwilling people to leave their own residence.By this time the GOONS have realised that now they have unlimitted power. As local police or GOVT.administration are just PUPPET of local party the GOON now know that no one can do anything to him or his boys.More boys come to join him,and there are thousands of unemployed and ignorant and wreched youth stored for him ,as in case of drop out of student in W.B it is 82%,in case of primary education W.B is in the 32nd position out of 35 states ,in case of rural developement W.B is just above the bottom,in case of minority developement W.B is just at the bottom and in case of GIRL TRAFFICKING W.BENGAL have the toppest of top position .Mothers here sell her daughters out of poverty .people dies out of hunger in hunger.Civil society is just destroyed here.W.B. is now became a closed pond with muddy water.Only those Bengalis live who can escape from here.Even the pro CPM middle class people know it so well that they, like others take chance for their sons and daughters to flee away from Bengal and take chance by allowing their sons and daughters to sit for different entrance they can take admission into the institution of other states.
    In an above comment Soumya Mitra wrote of TARA T.V. as it is , at least to his knowledge bought by the main opposite party T.M.C.It’s a wrong information .The director of TARA T.V is Mr.Ratikanta Bose-a very much renowned personality in case of Indian T.V transmission history, the ex-managing director of DOORDARSHAN i.e TARA T. V is a privte channel and which has no relaton with any political party and it’s the lone Bengali channel, whose viewers are both from people of W.BENGAL and BANGLADESH.

    Comment by mousumi — March 30, 2007 @ 12:47 am

  26. I appreciate and happy to see that few people realise the present situation Although the human dignity is murdered everywhere in the beautiful world. I am involve in direct marketing for 12years and meet directly a number of people(including young men), and I want to focus a point i.e. the major portion of the people give the piority on money than principle,power than poor, own family than own country,honesty(only the paint level) than dishonesty(for getting what they want),etc,.Should we change our genetics in a direction where only destinition is to destroy the NATURAL ENVIRONMENTAL BALANCE,KILLING HUMAN DIGNITY.Human has the power to shape the wourld, major portion of the people shape our beautiful wourld to a beautiful HELL. This point of time our Future is depends in the hands of few breave,devoted good people.

    Comment by Bhaskar Mosa — April 1, 2007 @ 7:11 pm

  27. The death of 14 rural people at nandigram in the police-firing is really shocking. But it should not be fare to blane our dearest chief minister for all the unexpected happenings. It is very much wanted who forced the innocent people to resist the police after the repeated assurance of the CM that the land Of Nandigram would not be acquired. Who? Who? Are they anti-left reactioery forces? We should firmly condemn the mean politics of the anti-lefts over the deadbodies. We should keep total confidence on Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattyacharjee who tries his best to bring a new mornning in West Bengal.

    Comment by agnibesh — April 2, 2007 @ 3:53 pm

  28. The dearest chief minister never assured the people of Nandigram that their villages will not be acquired before the genocide,morever he alongwith the mad leader Binoy Konger announced in a party rally in the Brigade parade Maidan that “No power can resist us from what we want to do” .Day after the meeting this lecture of the dearest BUDDHA was the headline in every Kolkata-based daily with an angry photograph of the face of great BUDDHA delivering the firing lecture and through the electronic media everyone listened and saw it.Only after the bloo-shed he announced it in the assembly.In the past we saw how communist party came into power by mean politics.Once agitating against the rich peasantry they captured the village and as soon as everything is done they forget them all .In 1977 they made the preasent ministry and stopped the acquisition of land above ceiling as the rich peasantry are in the mean-time under their flag.Yes, it is the statistics supplied by the Govt. himself. They also stopped the distribution of acquired land to the landless peasantry,otherwise how is it that there were found hundreds of unregistered “barga-peasantry’ in SINGUR.And before the NANDIGRAM incident the Great BUDDHA had to run by himself to distribute ‘PATTA’ to the landless peasantry just two weeks before the Genocide in a village adjacent to Nandigram .Yes after 30 years it’s just remembered that they are there.Somebody see the MUSK and think it as reality .

    Comment by mousumi — April 2, 2007 @ 7:05 pm

  29. nandigram was the last breath of communist in India. things are working the other way around here marx!! One we took from the rich and gave it to the poor. Now, we are taking from the poor and giving it back to the rich.

    Comment by sojo varughese — April 9, 2007 @ 2:04 pm

  30. read a lot of comments and heard a lot of opinions both for and against the present Govt. It seems that Ms. Mousumi seems to be harboring a great deal of anger and rage – wish that she would stop yelling [writing in CAPS] and check her spellings before posting her comments – would make a more bearable reading.
    Poor Marx!! I am sure that he is turning in his grave.

    Comment by rupa — April 20, 2007 @ 8:33 am

  31. Last day one more event happened by the side of Nandigram. At Khejuri the camping site of CPM goons & Laxman Seth mussleman, the hired mussleman from outside to capture Nandigram have gangraped a CPM supporter housewife,murdered & body was shifted to avoid public rath but yet ithave been disclosed & party sympathesisers revolted ( Statesman).How long will be Bengali woman will be raped by CPM cadres? Let firebrand Brinda Karat, Meera Bhattacharya(wife of Buddhadeb and mother of young daughter & SFI leader ).A vocal once against Rapist & Murderer Dhananjay ,Meeradevi why you are silent against rapist CPM party Cadres.Dhananjay should join CPIM to save his life from hanging . Lanka King Ravana lost after torturing Sita , Kauravas destroyed torturing Draupadi,Troy destroyed kidnaping Helen , now its whose turn Comrades of Bengal ? Let soul of Tapasi Malik raped & murdered by CPM goonbs at Singur & somany tortured murdered, gangraped does not forgive Bloody hoodlums. Let Daughters , mothers & wives of CPIM cadres revolt against attrocites against woman, children & lastly on people of Bengal.

    Comment by abhijit — April 29, 2007 @ 11:17 pm

  32. After loosing on the moral and political grounds and getting detached from people of Nandigram, CPIM is now planning to destroy them in all possible ways. This is what Bengal is living with for the past 30 years. Whenever, CPIM loose control of any region in WB, they simply do the same thing that they are doing in Nandigram. They are trying to cut the paths of earning of the people of Nandigram, planning to attack them on a regular basis by party cadres and hired anti socials, trying to put fake charges against them etc. etc. CPIM understood that they are not going to get a single vote from Nandigram in at least a decade from now and I think that’s the reason that they are punishing the people of Nandigram from all possible aspects. People of Nandigram displayed brave and united fightback against a fascist communism and taught a good and timely lesson to the rest of the world. Now its time for people of bengal to throw CPIM to the bay of bengal!

    Comment by Sumanta — April 30, 2007 @ 10:00 am

  33. The villagers are doll(as always in W.B.) in the hand of political parties, no exception is Nandigra. I remember few years back one evening, on my way from Chandipur to Nandigram, I came across a gang ( party caders) who stopped buses on the roads to protest against war in Iraq. The same villages are under darkness even now without electricty and they never even ask for it. Only reason I brought this comparison is to highlight the very fact of life of villagers in Nandigram. They are always manipulated in hand of political partis whose leadrs are our so called ministers or opponent leaders.

    Currently Seth’s (MP from Haldia) gundas along with the local CPM cadres and some people support CPM blindly are trying to attack villagers. TMC call them outseiders. On the other hand TMC supporters are also using arms to protest them. The other impotant player here are some of muslim fanatic who use this opportunity to show their mussle power and they as always are the main source of arms for TMC supporters. Media should ask this question to Govt, how these people able to acquire arms and getting constant supply of arms.

    Most of the media in india always lacks the basic understanding of the situation. They always highlighting the fact how trinamul and CPM wants to reolve the problem in Nandigram. The fact is both the parties are led by people who does not have sensitivity regarding life of villagers and are least interested to solve the real issue and bringing normalcy there. The media could have played a bigger role by pointing out the real issue which they failed as expected.

    The need of the moment at Nandigram is that the parties should stop encoraging their own agenda. Will they do it themselves? No, as i have explained earlier.

    The villagers wont be able to do that independently and so from Goverment need to take steps to force political parties to restrain from encouarging poor villagers to kill each other.

    Comment by Santanu — April 30, 2007 @ 5:50 pm

  34. We have to take both Marx and Capitalism in the context of 17th and 19th century England.

    Adam Smith’s idea was to destroy monopoly mercantilism and bring in “free trade”. That is the central thesis of his Wealth. Marx argued against that as well as against the contract based liberalism.

    Capitalism destroys monopoly baniyas and mercantilism, so in that way ushers in some freedom for people to invest and here Smith was right. The paradox was that capitalism itself leads to monopoly as Marx has shown.

    In England fertile land was taken to make enclosures for the sheep grazing woollen industry, a run away economony was controlled by the Stuarts of the time. Post colonial India is experimenting. Industrialization does many faces not black or white, good or bad; definitely it is needed, but not without State intervention.

    Unfortunately neither the CPM nor Ms Mamta have good for the people in their minds, they only wish to further their parties image and Mamata definitely her political image and cheap popularity.

    Comment by Rini — May 1, 2007 @ 12:19 am

  35. Reference Comment by abhijit 29th april
    You have quoted news from Statesman that CPI(M) goons have gangraped CPI(M) supporter housewife, murdered & body was shifted. Also that Tapasi Malik was raped & murdered by CPI(M)goons at Singur.
    Why is Mr abhijit so much inclined to believe Statesman report, is it that the news suits your political inclination. Is’nt it that the same newspapers had shouted hell about the rape of Champala Sardar, which later after probe was proved to be false. Nothing about Ms Champala was heard after that, the newspapers didnot publish any correction of their false news as the damage was, by then done. Similarly in the present scenario newspapers are creating false news to defame the CPI()M and there are many eager to believe whatever they write.
    Another instance was the ruccus created about the decomposed and dead body of a child being discovered in front of the house of Sankar Samanta the CPI(M) supporter burnt alive by Krisi jami bachao comm. activists; several houses were burnt down and people beaten up; KJBC people tried to force the doctor at the hospital to give in writing that the the matter was a dead child; and the media blew the situation out of proportion. And later when forensic investigation showed that the decomposed body was RUBBER PIPE nothing on this is now heard. But there were many like u to believe.
    And about Tapasi Malik the matter is under CBI probe and don’t jump to conclusions so early for u may be in for a shock. The CID probe had told that she was not rapped and yes, I don’t ask u to believe CID report because u will say “CID is purchased” like someone had said “Election Commission is purchased”.
    Ms Karat and Ms Meera Bhattacharya will protest against wrong doing to humanity on the call of their conscience

    Comment by Amitabha Sarkar — May 1, 2007 @ 11:30 am

  36. reference comment by sojo vargeese dt 9th april 2-04 pm

    perhaps u remember ‘paskura line’, ‘kespur- CPM er sespur’ and the events and elections that followed.
    After yelling hell about ‘scientific rigging’ and all, TMC got a echoing slap from the 2005 election.
    And with the process of industrialisation beginning they understood that, if CPI(M) were successful with the process, they will not reach Writers building in the next 30 years also; thus followed the resistance to the process’ although a short time back the same opposition political were shouting against the lack of industries.
    Please don’t make cheap generalisatons like ‘we took from the rich … giving it back to the rich’ and try to understand the ground realities in W.B.
    Only farming will not make the state progress; young men and women, whose fathers and fore fathers were farmers, have got educated and donot want to take farming as their profession and to provide jobs to the young and future generations industrialisation is essential; only 1% of the total land under agriculture in the state is proposed to be taken for industrialisation.
    And Mr vergese Communism does not die in Bengal as the late Mr Gani Khan Choudhuri realised in trying to throw CPI(M) to the Bay of Bengal.

    Comment by Amitabha Sarkar — May 2, 2007 @ 6:56 am

  37. Mr Amitava Sarkar wrote ‘And with the process of industrialisation begining they understood…….they will not reach writers’ building in the next thirty years..’ I have just few quistions,Other than the historical resons,West Bengal’s industry had to face deleberate militant trade-unionism- like gherao.Who did it?Who resisted automation in West Bengal in the 80′s and 90′s?In the last 30 years under whose leadership the industries are destroyed.Just 5 to 10 years ago under whose leadership West Bengal was against liberalisation of Indian economy and globalisation.If we search we still find hundreds of walling against Globalisation still now.When all the other states like Gujrat ,Andhra,Maharastra or Hariyana were getting ready to avail the opportunity of liberal economy and globalisation who were crying against the imperialist conspiracy ?It’s CPM,CPM and CPM.Under the leadership of Jyoti Basu West Bengal had gone a spade a spade and now Buddhadev Bhattacharya has want of fund,mind that West Bengal state Govt. has a debt of 30 thousand crores of rupees.Under whose leadership West Bengal has become topper in the starvation listing in India?Under whose leadership West Bengal secured the 19th place among 21 major states in school education? Under whose leadership West Bengal secured again the 19th position in health-service among 21 major states?West Bengal is the most important center of girl-trafficing,why?Why mothers in the villages here sell their girls to the agents of brothels willingly?What kind of heaven the CPM created? Not in the mulls ,not above the fly-overs ,not even in the Inox in the city of Kolkata,not in the so-called Science- City or Nandan ,to see the real pictures of West Bengal you got to go to Villages- without brick-built road,without electricity ,without schools ,schools without teachers,without the existance of Govt. administration and under the rule of ferrocous local CPM party goons , and find the reality of West Bengal.

    Comment by mousumi — May 5, 2007 @ 12:26 am

  38. anti communism makes many people mousumi here.mind that left front has won 235 seats in may, really has to go villages to see how the thinghs has dramatically improved in bengal.people are not as blunt as mousumi may more,watch more,debate rationally.

    Comment by kalyan — May 6, 2007 @ 10:47 pm

  39. ‘Surely you’re joking Mr.Feynman?’, no, in place of the name of the great physicist Richard Feynman it should be replaced by ‘Mr.Kalyan’. Because,it’s only Mr.Kalyan who still does not know that there is no relation between the term Communism and CPM.Even the polit bureu members of CPM knows it very well.Yes, they only know that in W.Bengal they are 235 and opposition are 30.Only the election matters .Only the number of heads .CPM now means a mechinery that by anyway can win all kinds of election in W.B.whether it’s a school committee or a club committee or an assembly constituency and by anyway,without answering the questions, questions like ,why after 30 years of rule people dies of starvation and so much that in this case the state secures the top of the list among all the states of India.In case of rural economy,rural electricity West Bengal stands at the bottom very much near Bihar.There are 80 lacs of registered unemployed people ,almost top ,just behind U.P.In case of school education and health service W.Bengal again at the bottom.I think ‘Surely you’re joking Mr. Kalyan’and if there is anyone anti-communist that is none other than CPM.

    Comment by mousumi — May 8, 2007 @ 11:32 pm

  40. In Mousumi\’s blind attitude of anti-CPM ism, she has lost her capabilities to analyze, debate sensibly and conclude. Noone says that WB is a paradise on earth, but its definitely made tremedous progress especially in the rural areas . While some statistics especially that on unemployment is quite distresing, on other indicators like growth in per-capita income, it has topped the country. Industrialization is now making a slow but steady pogress but whether it will be able to continue on this road given the presence of scoundrels like Mamata, is to be seen.

    Comment by Upal — May 17, 2007 @ 12:48 pm

  41. In the last line in the above comment Mr. Upal wrote “….the presence of scoundrels like Mamata..”.This is the style and usage of language of CPM when they are being opposed.I am going to appear my B.Sc (Honours in Physics) exam.part -2 at the end of next June and most probably this is my last comment ,for the readers outside of West Bengal ,I read in a college of central Kolkata I was never allowed to submit my nomination paper for the election of students’ union and in my college only candidates of S.F.I (students organisation of C.P.M) are allowed to submit the nommination paper and they win uncontestedly, not only in my college almost in all the colleges of W.Bengal,in each election the local party office and cadres and police take an important role and even if doing everything anyone or a group of students show courage to compete against them then as their culture they start using language as Mr. Upal did in his letter and then all other harrasment like manhandling ,threating home to home by local party offices ,asking parents to attend at their party offices or yes-at police station.Here it’s my good luck that no C.P.M cadre can know my address and they have to let me free by calling just a spade a spade like scoundrel beside the name of MAMATA BANERJEE and I will be proud of it.

    Comment by mousumi — May 20, 2007 @ 5:39 pm

  42. Mousumi has mentioned certain activities of the CPM like not being able to submit nomination papers for college union elections. This reminds me of my student days . A student of Presidency college during the days of White Terror of 1972-1977, we were not allowed to function as a student body let alone fight elections though we were not aligned to any political party . Our only crime was that we were ideologically opposed to the Congress . At least now several college unions , including Presidency,are controlled by student associations opposed to the SFI. In those days, every single Union was controlled by Chhatra Parishad, student association of the Congress.Everyone acknowledges that the democratic atmosphere is more pronounced these days .The trouble is that youngsters like Moushumi have not seen the other side of the picture.

    Comment by Upal — May 21, 2007 @ 11:29 am

  43. Thought you have seen it all, think again.
    Please visit and view the video eports therein.
    I am surprised and ashamed to be called Indian. Massacre of Nandigram proves that government of India is run by bunch of corrrupt and morons and their chohort bustard communists.
    What is wrong with people of West Bengal??

    Comment by Save West Bengal — June 10, 2007 @ 5:56 am

  44. Hey All,
    I’m not surprised by seeing the comments from Ms Mousumi. The current problem is multifaceted. Anyway, this is not an article to attack a person. I thought of scribbling some thing I saw and beleive.
    1) There have been some mistakes by the state govt in Nandigram. Agreed.
    2) Current situation is being worsened by Mamata Banerjee. GOD knows what she wants and why she wants. Illogical, uncultured, unrealistic etc etc.
    3) There is no goal, no motto and nothing. We used to create chaos sometimes in our student life to postpone the class tests. I dont see any difference between that and this.
    4) There are some duties of an opposition leaders — Mamta could have taken some benefit or took the advantage of some non-sense happening in the state. She missed it.
    5) There is no sign or willingness of improvement from the oppositions. They are behaving as wild as we were probably some-1000 years back.
    6) There are always problems and corruptions in the leading party. I would rather suggest Mamta to rectify those. There are hundreds of ways to do that. She is loosing respect everywhere except a few dumbo-followers.
    7) Situations needs to be improved. Mistakes should be corrected.
    8) I am not surprised to see the comments from Mousumi. It is not her mistake. Please look at how she was brought up, what environments she faced so far. As seniors, we should try to explain the reality to all such youngsters like her. She has probably suffered. And her opinion might be logical from her perspective.
    9) I have seen SFI and other student-uninons mingling so well in my college. We used to play, debate, go-along. All the fights used to be controlled by non-students or outsiders (all the parties are at fault). In case people are facing these problems, bring it out to the forefront. Thats how we should stop these.
    10) Mousumi and youngsters like her – please keep some time to read this page after 15-20 years. Either you would laugh or you would get blessed with tears.
    Use your own brain, not your guardians’ (guardians = anyone who guides or misguides you; mostly ‘Dada/Didi’ in college canteen)
    But yes, be open and vocal. Be honest at heart. Lets not take part in politics to grab power, we can do much better for everyone.
    Suggest solutions not because someone will offer you a chair, do it as a human.

    Comment by Sab — June 17, 2007 @ 5:48 pm

  45. Please have a look at a documentary to reveal the truth at Nandigram.

    Nandigram – In search of answers. A documentary by an independent film maker, Anindita Sarbadhicary!

    Comment by Saibal — July 17, 2007 @ 4:05 pm

  46. Thanks Saibal.
    I would download and check. On the Spur of the moments, I thought of scribbling these few lines.

    Unfortunately, none of these documents prove anything to me. It might be good for others for debates.
    There is no assurance that the people in front of camera are not taught.
    Let us ask ourselves, each one, what do we want!!
    There should be narco analysis of all the political leaders. Bitter Truth will come out. Dont ask the consequences or what will happen to the entire system!!

    Comment by Sab — July 22, 2007 @ 6:58 pm

  47. I am surprised how everyone is talking only about Mamata.She is given importance in ever one’s discussion.This only indicates,how popular she is.Her activities have made people think about her(be it in for or against).However,that doesn’t hide the lies told by the leading ministers in our ruling party.The situation has turned severe just due to their lies told to the common people.Only way things can improve is to pull out from Singur land,announce that there would be no chemical hub(just as it was done for nandigram).Industrialisation doesn’t mean to kneel in fron of the industrialists and offer them whatever they want.

    If any one wants the list of lies told by the ministers,I shall supply them pointwise.

    Comment by Abby — September 12, 2007 @ 11:12 am

  48. After Singur and Nandigram now itis all through W.Bengal.Poor people are taking law and order in their own hands.At first it was in Burdwan district – the citadel of CPM ,in a meeting organised by CPM itself against the Nuclear Pact the people suddenly burst into cry ‘we want food, we know nothing else’, that was the starting,they burnt the CPM party office,beaten the local leaders.Then come Birhum district, then Nadia,Murshidabad,West Midnapore and so on.Police are firing and killing hungry persons, party-cadres with arms are catching fire the villages. You the outsiders do not know the real picture of COMMUNISM- be aware of it.Everywhere CPM leaders alongwith the ration dealers decieved the people,all the CPM supportes,cadres,party-workers are the source of corruption.The degree of corruption rises as the port-folio .CPM with the POLICE and his ARMED PARTY-CADRES are running a raj of absolute FASCISM

    Comment by mousumi karmakar — October 10, 2007 @ 6:16 pm

  49. Its time for the people to respond against our terrorist politicians.

    I am really sad to see not enough media coverage on state sponsored terrorism over 6 months, 100s are injured and more than 30 people killed so far. I am surprised to see there is hardly any coverage in our media on this terrorism. Why media is such a dumb? God bless our country.

    See the NDTV coverage “Meanwhile, three people having been killed in a crude bomb explosion in Nandigram’s Khejuri area.” . This is utter lie. NDTV is sponsore by Prakash karat so they can lie. Great.

    Comment by indian — October 28, 2007 @ 2:41 pm

  50. I would like to draw your attention to the perils of the hapless villagers who go to sleep with the sound of bombs and firing of bullets and wake up-i.e. if they are able to sleep at all-with the smell of gun powder,the flowing of blood, procession of dead bodies and the spine-chilling wails of unfortunate people. I am a Calcuttan who is living in Haldia in East Midnapore-the district in which the by-now infamous Nandigram is in-for quite sometime now due to my profession. Thus due to geographical proximity to the troubled spot I get the opportunity to meet a lot of people who hail from that cursed land called Nandigram.
    Seeing various reports on the television,newspapers and most importantly getting to hear from the horse’s mouth I believe I’ve become quite abreast of the situation and have been able to decipher where the root of the trouble lies.
    Nandigram, as we all know has a long history of protesting against injustice and not giving in to coercion. It may be recalled that the place wher Nandigram is today had resisted the British empire and had set up their own free state-Tamralipta with its own national flag-even when the whole of India was chained by the British rule. One of India’s biggest women freedom fighters, Matangini Hazra-whose large statue can be found in the heart of Calcutta, hails from this place. So, it was nothing new when Haldia CPM MP Lakshman Seth issued a notice under the instructions of Mr.Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, that land in Nandigram will be acquired for setting up a comprehensive ‘Chemical Hub’ over 25,000 acres of land. The villagers were quite naturally perplexed, because most of the people living here were half or uneducated paesants who had no other means of livelihood except for tilling of land which they have been doing for generations….They started protesting the takeover of their farmland and houses(how can houses be left out as they come in the same area) by bringing out processions and guarding their lands in shifts saying they will protect their land till the last drop of blood. On the 6th of January, Benoy Konar, who ironically is the CPM’s farmer wing’s leader roared:” If they(Nandigram people) don’t allow us to make industry there, we’ll make their life HELL”. That he did when on the very next day, firings started from the other side of Tekhali bridge which left 7 people dead, a majority of whom were minority Muslims.A lot of water flowed down the Haldi river,which flows by Nandigram and the farmers became more firm in their resolve not to give away their livelihood and then, came the red letter day March 14, which has become the most infamous day after April 19(the day in which General Dyre opened fire on innocent protesters in Jallianwala Bagh).
    On March 14, the police marched in with CPM armed men in tow and opened fire on innocent villagers killing atleast 30 innocent villagers(although the official figure shows a mere 14). Let me tell you even small children were torn apart by policemen and thrown into the tretches dug up by farmland acquisition protesters and after putting sand sacks on them, police drove their Mahindra jeeps over them.
    And from then on Buddha has been forced to withdraw his plan of a ‘Chemical hub’(whose name we had never heard till last year) from Nandigram due to national and international pressure.But knowing the egoist he is, he did not take it down well having to eat crow. He thereafter turned a blind eye and withdrew all his police force from that area,when his party men started to take revenge of their CM’s humiliation. A few months went peacefully and people felt everything was gradually coming to normal. But only a few sinister men at Alimuddin street and some of their comrades in Khejuri knew that it was just the lull before the “HELL”storm. It was the time taken by the CPM to accumulate in Khejuri(opposite Nandigram) armed criminals from all across the state and also from neighbouring Bihar and Jharkhand to teach these unarmed, helpless, poor villagers the lesson of their lives. This has started for the 4-5 months and they would be killing 2-3 sometimes 4-5 villagers everyday by firing from long range rifles and even machine guns and burning their homes in the middle of the night, not to mention the not so ocassional pelting of bombs.This has been continuing and has increased rather then decreased. Public speeches by leaders like Brinda Karat asking to give the villagers Dumdum Dawai(the thrashing of their lives) have not helped the cause.
    Whatever I have written is just the tip of the iceberg. You should come to Nandigram and see to believe the plight and misery they are in, how thousands of villagers have been rendered homeless and how thousands of women and children heve been rendered shelterless and are living without food. Just spare a moment for them.
    Before ending, I would urge the central or state govt. just for humanity’s sake please do something for these people urgently. I know if the state govt would have honestly wanted this violence to have stopped, they could have done it in a day, but I still believe better sense would prevail on those that matter.
    O yes, and before ending I must also add that I am no Trinamul or Congress worker or supporter- as anybody raising a voice against the govt is deemed here by the CPM-but an engineer working in a reputed organization.

    Comment by shovon roy — November 8, 2007 @ 11:08 am

  51. This is a cock and bull story at some extend. It is a story without references. You are a Kolkatian. I am from Haldia. And my father originated from Nandigram. You really don’t know the typical mentality of villagers. Govt. fault is they did not able to make them understand. Apart from that all the people are same belongs to any party.

    Innocent people never do violent protest. If anybody support this violent protest then not a single project will be implemented. Trinamul deliberately mislead people. They are more responsible than ruling party. Mamata Banerjee behave like “Mother of Bengal”. Only drama(natak). But reality is she influenced and insist people to do violence. She demands hang Buddhadev. But one who really understand what Mr. Bddhadev is trying to do for the state and what she is trying to do in the state. He must say hang Mamata Banerjee or at least avoid her.

    Any individual can be corrupted independent of all party, cast, community. Just help our chief minister to make Bengal our pride. Don’t go back to the dark age.

    Comment by Rajiv — November 9, 2007 @ 1:07 am

  52. Mr Rajiv – You are living in the fools paradise trying to justify the indecent activities , lack of law and order in the state. Nothing in this world can justify 1. lack of “law and order” 2. using police for political gain etc. to the people( to people with real education , I am not including you in that category). what happened in Nandigram is barbaric and nothing can justify the barbaric act.

    I don’t need to strengthen my logic by saying I belong to Nandigram , but for your information not only my dad, I too from Nandigram.

    Comment by Santanu — November 9, 2007 @ 11:36 pm

  53. Mr Shovon, Mr. Indian I do carry the same sentiment as you. Mr. Saibal dont get fooled by that video.

    I strongly feel time has come that we (people in West Bengal) come out of political view and take an independent view of situations. To me a change might help establishing Bengal to regain its lost position.

    Comment by Santanu — November 9, 2007 @ 11:50 pm

  54. [...] [...]

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  55. It is pathetic (off course) and there is no doubt about the same. We had to see bloodshed in a civilized society. I generally do not understand all the political chaos but I beleive in some of the points as I put below. I do not maintain statistics or the chronological ordering of the events to support my statements.

    1) The party members of red-front need to behave more logically and rationally.
    2) There are some under-water currents of corruption and un-educated liers in the Red-Front who need to be cleaned immediately.
    3) All bad points stated above, please ask the opposition (Mamata to be specific) what she wants? Her statements, claims, vision — nothing is clear and crisp.
    4) It seems to me, for anything the state govt does is bad when we see through the eyes of Mamata. Is it so? I dont beleive.
    5) Keep the non-violence and mis-leading information from different parties away from the development activities.
    6) Please remember our chief minister does not have a personal gain on whatever he is trying to do. He is doing the same thinking it would be good for people. Wherever there is any mistake in the approaches please call for all party meeting (Keep away Mamata please) and discuss.
    7) Do not un-necessarily create a heroic job of Dharna/hunger-strike and all non-sense. Stop taking political advantage of anything and everything.

    Comment by Sab — November 11, 2007 @ 6:11 am

  56. This is for all the responsible citizens of our country.The events which are taking place in Nandigram can nohow be tolerated.It’s a direct attack to people’s democratic rights.We boast on about India being a perfect Democratic Country,but is this Democracy?I’m deeply ashamed regarding the following facts:
    i)Police firing on mob processions.
    ii)CPM caders harrassing the renowned Medha Patekar.
    iii)The recent event of encroachment in the peaceful procession outside Nandan by our renowned personalities.
    We all would like to know the charges on account of which eminent personalities like Shankha Ghosh,Goutam Ghosh etc.were taken to Lalbazar.What CPM politbureau is doing is just to make the situation worsen.this can no longer be tolerated.I’m a student of class 9 and dont know much about politics but I do know tht this is just torturing the common peace loving mass.So,pls everyone,stand up and protest against this else there are more danger yet to come to our loving Bengal..

    Comment by Shreyasi Biswas — November 11, 2007 @ 5:33 pm

  57. To begin with , I would like to thank all the commentators for making valuable and some “invaluable” comments on what’s happening in Nandigram and it’s impact on Indian polity and industrial policy in future. Let’s face the ground realities. The main issue has been setting up SEZ at Nandigram and adjoining areas. But what is currently happening there is nothing but suicidal politics by the opposition parties who are trying to prove themselves more communist than the original communists. These opposition parties include Indian National Congress , TMC and their ubiquitous leader Mamata Banerjee , are the greatest protagonists of globalisation and liberalisation in India and ally of BJP , respectively.What about such land acquisition cases in Maharashtra or Gujarat or in Punjab where thousands of people have been turned to refugees of their land by ruthless annexation by big corporates aided by their trusted allies , the state governments. The incident in Nandigram is a clear case of political sabotage of the opposition parties who want to rock the state’s economy when it is slowly but steadily surging ahead. Violence in Nandigram is a result of a very well planned political drama where the government has failed to cope with the situation. It’s a disgraceful administrative and intelligence failure. Please do not try to draw a bigger social picture of the incident happened in Nandigram. It is simply a destructive politics by some whimsical leaders who believe in mobocracy rather than democracy. India is such a country which is in the brink of transition from full feudal system to a capitalistic order. We have a long way to go through peasant revolution or their violent resistance. The time is yet to come. Let capitalism flourish to it’s full. It will be against social and natural dialectics to stop. The government is just doing the right thing. They are helping in the transition only. If you think that force is required to restore it , be it !!

    Comment by Debraj Basu — November 11, 2007 @ 6:54 pm

  58. Mr. Debraj Basu who is reponsible for law and order in the state? Whether it is trinamul supporter or CPM why govt can not take control of situation? Why did not police administration work. You are another idiot if you try to justify this by using ur political view of “Trinamul” etc. So think rationally, and try to get answers of those simple queries.

    Comment by Santanu — November 11, 2007 @ 8:55 pm

  59. What are we doing here? I think everyone is justifying their political views!!
    Someone telling the other person in this blog — ‘Idiot’ –> not of my taste

    Comment by Sab — November 11, 2007 @ 10:48 pm

  60. Not to mention any name , but I believe some people have really no idea of how a society works or how social transformations take place. And asking about violence !! Who started and sustained the violence in Nandigram and adjoining areas even after government repeatedly announced that they will not develop SEZ in Nandigram ? It’s nothing more than a political sabotage by opposition carried in the same line as in Pashkura some years back !! If one observes, it’s typical of the mobocratic leader who has ushered in violence again and again.People should isolate such leaders who want to create anarchy in the state. Justifying violence is not my style, but if we require force to stop violence , we should. The biggest failure of this government is to restore peace in that region by applying proper force in the right time.But it does not take away the credit from the whimsical opposition leaders who sparked the violence , misinterpret the government statements, keep up the fear in the minds of innocent farmers and making them victim of ruthless violence in the past few months.
    I am not justifying any political view. Most importantly no one is unpolitical in this world. I am trying to find the root cause of the situation only. If administrative failure is untoward, then responsible politics is also necessary , which is least expected from the current opposition !!

    Comment by Debraj Basu — November 12, 2007 @ 8:04 am

  61. I would like to know everyones view on this ‘bandh’ called by the various political parties.Is this the ultimate solution?Isnt there any other way to put an end to the terrific events of Nandigram?

    I would also like to request every political party to be sincere regarding this issue and try to help the people instead of discrediting others.butb at the same time I would like everyone to protest. pls express your opinion.

    Comment by Shreyasi Biswas — November 12, 2007 @ 9:33 am

  62. I dont support the Bandh. Our DEAR leaders are going back to the same bandh culture, which we ALL have criticized for last 25 years in public or private for or against the bengal-govt.
    There is no need for a bandh. All we need is to take the Trinamul party out of the state and sending to exile. Then discuss with rest of the parties for an amicable solution.
    These party is trying to take some advantage of the chaos.
    They have no vision, no mission, no thought process and no humanity.

    Comment by Sab — November 12, 2007 @ 10:54 am

  63. A typical commie’s argument can only be compared with islamic fundamentalist. When a 14 year boy kill other in the name of islam, they justify it by saying muslims are killed all over the world. And commies justify 7 days of barabaric killings of people by saying “brining peace”.

    I put few questions in previous posts:
    1. Why police and administartion did not work? Who is reponsible?
    2. Why people are not allowed to visit the place for place 7 days? who are these people blocking roads? What action did govt take?

    If you have an answer tô these, please write back.

    Comment by Santanu — November 12, 2007 @ 2:33 pm

  64. My few questions to all who have commented on the Nandigram issue
    1)What happens when police force is stopped from entering a so called “War Zone”? when people are involved in mindless violence?
    2)When police force is under attack and life threat from anyone , what they do ? Please refer to some gruesome video footage as to how police has been harassed and tortured ? Are they not human beings?
    2)Who started and sustained the violence in Nandigram even after repeated announcement of withdrawal of Government plans of setting up SEZ?
    3) Don’t you think that the opposition is planning a great conspiracy game to stall development in the state when they are surely losing ground?

    I again sum up my views. The greatest failure on the part of government has been intelligence. It’s so pathetic to see that a government in power for more than decades has failed to gather enough intelligence to stop these ruthless violence ?
    But more importantly, why the innocent people in Nandigram have been misguided on SEZ setup when Government has already given up such plans? Why the fear was kept alive in their minds? For what purpose ? Is it not a part of greater political conpiracy staged by irresponsible opposition? Why these innocent residents of Nandigram indulged in violence , cut down roads, burnt schools, administrative buildings? Do you flame your own house ?
    I hope some one find a answer to these questions?

    Comment by Debraj Basu — November 12, 2007 @ 3:26 pm

  65. Dear Friends,
    I watched the News Today,The Leftist Government and Their Cadres(Police and Mafia) are not letting even the CRPF enter Nandigram.Medha Patkar was severely beaten and her convoy stoned and tried to set ablaze,however she tried to save herself escaping with other supporters.All of INdia and World came to know today about the Real Truth of Oppression by the Left Govt in West Bengal with Nandigram.The Cadres with help of Local Police have Hijacked the people of Nandigram.And it is similar to a Terrorist Hijacking a Plane/People.
    Medha Patkar, in her interview with NDTV acknowledged That she had come here leaving 2.5 lakh farmers of Narmada at their fate.After facing the conditions here she said She was so worried here, that she had not faced any such situation in her life.She had not faced any such oppression in Gujarat.She said she would like to live in Gujarat, a safe and peaceful state, in comparison to the Leftist Ruled State of WEst Bengal.Today , almost all of the intellectuals have denounced their support from CPM and left Govt saying they were unrepairably hurt by the situations in Nandigram, Singur created by the Cadres and Police(mostly belong to the Cadres).
    Mosumi, I would like to say All of India and World knows LEFT means OPPRESSION.Not just in WestBengal, but whereever you look in the world,The communism has failed.Their leaders live life of a capitalist and want their folks to live in communism.For the Leaders, COMMUNISM is only to preach others and not to follow.USSR,China, Yugoslavia and all countries under Communism have oppressed their people for years.NO communication with outer world, so no one could know their oppression and The folks could not get education and grow to be oppressed again by the Communist State.Left Govt. In West Bengal has suppressed the people for 30 years, and hence has ruled it.Mamta Banerjee is the woman who has taken stride against the Left Govt and dared to go to the terror striken Nandigram and Singur to bring the reality to the World.
    Media is busy behind Shahrukhkhan, His OM shanti OM and Saawariya, Pakistan Emergency and Sanjay Dutts daily routine in Yerawada Jail.But the Real issue is in Nandigram, I am in Mumbai but know that Nandigram and Singur are serious issues of concern not only for the Westbengal Govt.,but for the Centre and for the Nation at large.

    Communists are the RASPUTIN of Democratic India.

    Comment by Jonathan — November 12, 2007 @ 6:25 pm

  66. Industrialization is required for development of West Bengal. Earlier CPM used to call bandhs which prohibited industrial growth and even several industries were closed down in Bengal. Now when CPM is on the proper track, trinumal to gain popularity, steped in with bandhs which shows probably Bengal will never see the light of development with such activities. If protest is to be shown, bandh is not the only way which disrupts normal life for all as well as affects several industries, which might finally shift from Bengal. Trinumul should step out of the popularity gaining game and think for development of the state in real sense. They should stop misleading villagers and hiring people from far away viallges to continue agitation.This political popularity game of Mamata cannot last for long.

    Comment by pradeep — November 12, 2007 @ 8:37 pm

  67. The masses are bewildered due to a nearly total breakdown of all the organs of the State under the heavy load of rampant corruption; the events in Nandigram are a result of the resultant myopic psyche of the masses.
    Caution: Our security systems, too, are getting more & more vulnerable by the day.
    We are likely to see the results during our lifetimes.

    Comment by Kumar, G — November 13, 2007 @ 1:47 am

  68. Mr.Buddhadeb Bhattacharya is a sham lover of art and culture.He is,in fact,a philistine in the guise of a cultivated man.Otherwise,what art can tolerate such noxious brutalities,such inhuman killings,rapes and abductions?HE is a misfit as a CM and a disgrace to humanity,too.
    Besides such cruelties and driving the poor roofless,the CPI-M cadres abased themselves so much as to physically assault Ms.Medha Patkar and her entourage.Yet more inconceivable is Mr.Bhattacharya’s quiet on the entire matter.
    As aptly said by Ms.Patkar,Mr.Buddhadeb Bhattacharya should resign.

    Comment by Sneha Shaw — November 13, 2007 @ 8:59 pm

  69. If there are maoist inside nandigram, Bhuddev had sent cpm gundas,why he had not sent police to fight with maoist.IS CPM GUNDAS are better trained to fight with maoist than police than it is matter of investigation.
    1.who train these gundas.
    2.why they are train.
    3.If sanjay datta jailed due to only for keeping arms,How cpm gundas can keep arms and ammunation.Is law diffrent for these goondas.
    4.How budhev CM,can authorised these CPM gondas to arm and ammunition and kill innocet citizen.

    Comment by shivaji choudhury — November 14, 2007 @ 10:52 am

  70. Only thing each one of us can do other than writing here is cast your vote.

    Comment by Santanu — November 14, 2007 @ 8:06 pm

  71. I am amazed and bewildered by the height if hypocrisy by some people who have risen from slumber after 11 months of prolonged violence at Nandigram. This is because media is purposefully propagating the news of violence as if it has started now.Where were those people when violence commenced in Nandigram deliberately and thousands of people fled just to save their life. Now when these people are trying to come back to their houses and involving in violence , these has become a big issue. This is partially true that government has failed to protect human lives and could have done much more to stop the violence. But my question is that why were we sleeping when violence erupted in Nandigram and people driven away from their houses. And why are we “crying ” now when these people trying to regain their lost lands with the help of CRPF and police. Should the government be blamed solely for this incident. Violence in any form should be totally rejected. But hypocrisy should be kept aside when we try to justify our points on any issue.

    Comment by Debraj Basu — November 15, 2007 @ 7:08 am


    Comment by shivaji choudhury — November 15, 2007 @ 2:35 pm

  73. Debraj Basu why dont you try a job at Ganashakti or Aaajkal, trust me you might get a job there.

    Comment by Santanu — November 15, 2007 @ 2:40 pm

  74. After our Independence, it was Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the-then Chief Minister of West Bengal, who was the front-runner in getting WB placed in some high position in the rank of States of India in respect of industrialization and industrial development. Don’t misinterpret that I am stating in favour of Congress Government in WB. I am talking about the wisdom, prudence and humane face of Dr. Roy, who had successfully shaped Bengal. WB came to face the model of darkness in all senses towards the end of Congress rule in WB and Left Front replaced that in the true sense of the term in 1977 under the Chief Ministership of Sri Joyti Basu. WB has now been successful in materializing the same old culture of the said model of darkness through their cadres and this has almost crossed the tolerance limit for the last three or four years. The approach of the present Government in WB in the case of Singur and Nandigram substantiates this fact. This Government and today’s CPM are nourished and dominated by many persons who have no grass-root level experience and involvement of struggle. They are no doubt CPM, but not definitely Marxist. If Marx were alive, he would have preferred to commit suicide since he is being capitalized and mal-used (used as a tool for malpractice) by the exponents of some sectarian philosophy who do not deserve to be Marxist. In WB the true Marksists are our students who take the membership of SFI from the time they are students of Class VI and run after high marks only in spite of the fact that they don’t deserve it (think of therefore education in WB).

    Due to imprudent, aggressive and immature trade unionism, the industrial progress that was achieved after independence had come to a halt, then started being demolished since 1977 in WB. Now WB has been toppled in the rank of industrialization. Steps towards industrialization are most welcome. But, SEZ can’t be the solution and getting the cultivators stripped of their lands by force. It’s inhuman and barbarism that has been reflected through the functioning of the present Government in Nadigram, West Bengal. The present Government in WB dream that it has got some sort of Aladin’s Lamp. In one dark night it will go to bed and it will wake up in the next fine morning with the sunrise and industries it likes to have. During the thirty years of their rule in WB they have destroyed the industrial base that was developed after independence. Are they so fool that they hope for some magic and that magic at the cost of human life and livelihood? This world belongs to human beings, neither to CPM nor to Congress nor to BJP nor to Hindus nor to Muslims etc. etc. How does our Chief Minister forgets that to boastfully declare ‘our men, their men’? Has he not lost credentials to hold the post of Chief Minister?

    Comment by Maniklal Adhikary — November 17, 2007 @ 10:54 am

  75. The Horror of Nandigram

    by Amit Varma

    This is the 40th installment of my weekly column for Mint, Thinking it Through.

    Reading the newspaper has been a depressing experience over the last few days. The headlines are dominated by events at Nandigram, where bombs are going off, land mines are exploding, the police is powerless and lawlessness reigns. West Bengal’s governor, Gopalkrishna Gandhi, has described it as a war zone. To many of us far from there, it must seem like a remote insurgency that does not affect us all. But it does—and we cannot truly be a free society if we turn our back upon it.

    The problem at Nandigram began with eminent domain. Eminent domain is an instrument used by governments to take land from private citizens for public use. For example, if a road needs to be built, and the proposed route goes through private property, the government acquires the land at whatever price it determines. It does not need the buyer’s consent for this, which many would say is surely wrong—but when it involves public infrastructure, most people shrug it away as a necessary evil.

    In the American constitution, eminent domain is allowed only for projects of “public use”. When the Indian Constitution was written, this was changed to “public purpose”, which is more open to interpretation. But the right to property was a fundamental right, which meant that owners of private property had legal recourse if they were being gypped. Our early governments and legislatures, socialist and fond of redistribution, chipped away at it, but the courts defended it. Then, with the 44th Amendment in 1978, it was changed from a fundamental right to a mere legal right. That’s a euphemism—effectively, it had been abolished.

    The West Bengal government then carried out a programme of land reforms known as Operation Barga. But instead of transferring property rights from landowners to tillers, itself a dubious act, it left the property title with the landowner, and gave the tillers permanent tenancy rights and a revenue share of the proceeds from the land, as well as first right of refusal if the landowner wished to sell. Some did deals with landowners, getting ownership over a portion of the land in return for their tenancy rights over the rest. Others remained bargadars, as they are called.

    Cut to the 21st century. The government decided to set up special economic zones (SEZs) across India, where companies would get benefits that would attract investment, such as exemption from some of the foolish restrictions on business that exist in the rest of the country. That sounds worthy, but the governments involved set about acquiring this land through eminent domain laws. Obviously the farmers whose land was acquired were upset. Firstly, many of them did not want to sell. Secondly, it was not even for a project of public use, like a road or a power project, which at least have a weak rationalization. It was for rich private corporations.

    Eminent domain was not the only issue here. Many of the affected farmers in Nandigram and Singur, the sites of two such proposed SEZs, were bargadars, who were facing a breach of contract by the government on the promises made to them. All in all, there was enough justified fury in Nandigram for opportunistic political forces to move in and stoke the fires, on which the CPM threw kerosene with its barbarism.

    It is shocking that defenders of such theft try to justify it by invoking free markets and capitalism. True free markets depend on the sanctity of property rights. What Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s government has been up to is cronyism of the worst kind, colluding with big companies at the expense of the common man. Ignorant journalists describe him as free-market-friendly, which is ludicrous. His disregard for property rights makes him as totalitarian as the orthodox Communists who criticize him for moving away from their faith.

    India’s politicians down the years have been no better. The farmers thrust into the fire now have been in the frying pan for 60 years. They are not allowed to sell their land for non-agricultural purposes, which has prevented industrial development in rural areas. (The companies operating in these SEZs could then have negotiated for the land on their own.) The restrictions placed on private enterprise have prevented the manufacturing boom that would have given our farmers more choices. They are trapped in their profession—60% of India lives off the agriculture sector, compared with around 5% for developed countries. This is unsustainable, as farmer suicides across India demonstrate.

    With Nandigram, things have gone too far. For 60 years we have denied our farmers alternative sources of employment. Now, we have tried to take their farms away. When they have protested, we have reacted with brutality. The British, when they ruled us, were accused of nothing worse. What is the value of our independence then?

    * * *

    Comment by K.R.Athiyaman — November 24, 2007 @ 5:23 pm

  76. Have you ever seen anyone of W.Bengal CPM leaders to deliver lectures or attending press conference , if you haven’t, please try to watch at least in TV and see Buddhadev Bhattacharya(C.M),Biman Bose(State Secretary) ,Subhas Chakrabarty (Sports and Transport Minister)or Binoy Konar ,watch their style,face- cutting,their selection of words their sense of manners and you will be confused and begin to think ‘Where have I seen it before?’Once you can recall the memories of your childhood , you can find that it was in the film ‘The Great Dictator’ and the caricature of the real dictator Rudloff Hitler by the great Charlie Chaplin.Please watch the CPM leaders at least for amusement.And if you have no time to watch TV then talk to any Tom-Dick-Harry of CP(I)M of any township or village and you will have the same degree of amusement,because from Buddhadev ,Biman,Subhas,Binoy to any Tom-Dick and Harry everyone of CPI(M)have the same style of speaking, choice of words,face-cutting and sense of manners as used by Hitler and his followers.

    Comment by mousumi — December 2, 2007 @ 2:03 pm

  77. Aha… Godwins Law makes an entrance, courtesy mousumi

    Comment by Prashant — December 3, 2007 @ 12:50 am


    The Story behind Nandigram By Nilotpal Basu

    After a stony silence for past several weeks, Nandigram has again shot back to newspaper headlines and television primetime. What is the inspiration for that matter – provocation for this renewed interest in Nandigram?

    Wide sections of the mainstream media provide a readymade answer – `Murder of democracy’ by `armed thugs’ of the CPI(M) `in connivance with the state government’, `Buddhadeb Bhattacharya has become a Hitler’ or at least a `Narendra Modi’. SMS polls in television channels are reporting an overwhelming affirmative verdict on the question `has Nandigram become a blot on the Left?’

    When the mainstream media takes such an interest on a subject which involves something so intensely political as compared to, say, the Aishwarya-Abhishek marriage, one needs to raise one’s eyebrows.

    Though Nandigram has shot back to prominence after a long interregnum, this is now a name familiar to the people across the nation. Therefore, a quick recapitulation will be in order to understand the current phase of renewed interest.

    The government of West Bengal had contemplated a chemical hub at Nandigram. But as and when rumours about land acquisition led to violent protests and expression of refusal to handover land for the industrial project, the government publicly abandoned the idea by the second week of February. The violent incidents had resulted in killings, digging up of roads, blowing up of bridges and bringing the entire activities of the area to a standstill. Nandigram was sought to be made a `state within a state’ wrenching it away violently from the mainstream. The isolation of Nandigram was of such a magnitude that on March 14, this year, it reached a flashpoint. When the State police tried to enter the area to restore law and order and to facilitate normalcy and development activities, it led to a confrontation. 14 people died in police firing and otherwise. It was a tragic situation which was regretted by the top leadership of the government and the ruling CPI(M).

    The police firing was an issue which emboldened the opposition. One had hoped earlier that once government announces that there will be no chemical hub in Nandigram, neither a SEZ obviously, there would be any need for land acquisition. But despite that, when the situation continued resulting in March 14 incident, the state government also understood that there is more to it than meets the eye. Therefore, patience was needed and political initiative to ensure that Nandigram once again comes back to the mainstream. Almost two dozen meetings were convened by the administration at the local level. Even all-party meetings at the state level were held without yielding any result. The main umbrella organisation BUPC (Committee against eviction from land) inexplicably continued to spearhead the `isolation’ and `occupation’ of Nandigram, even though without any possibility of land acquisition the very rationale for its existence had become irrelevant.

    The BUPC ruled Nandigram till Nov.10. Beginning with January 7, when the first killing was there of a panchayat member belonging to the CPI (M), 27 more have been killed during this last ten and a half months. Some murders were gruesome. One 16-year old girl was gang-raped and hung up from a tree. More than 3,000 people were forced to become homeless of which 1,500 were in makeshift relief camps.

    The sum and substance of this long interregnum, which the mainstream media has not reported, is the fact that Nandigram was occupied. Nandigram was out of bonds for whosoever not agreeable to this occupation and its enforcer BUPC, which is an umbrella for all opposition forces with BJP from the right to the naxalites on extreme left. Nandigram was particularly out of bonds for the CPI(M) and the elected representatives of the people belonging to that party. This needs to be noted, because the present interest is to highlight the `armed re-occupation’. Not a single leader of the opposition nor the conscience of the state, the Governor Gopal Gandhi or self-professed liberal democrats like Medha Patkar, did not find it appropriate to put in a word of sympathy for these people who have been uprooted from their home and hearth, let alone protesting this.

    The mainstream media has also failed to report another grim development. With the land question gone and the state government meeting other demands of the opposition like giving compensation to the families of those who have died on March 14 in police firing and otherwise, transferring out police officials who were involved in the firing, withdrawing of cases except for heinous ones like murder and rape against opposition activists, the continuation of `occupation’ was becoming untenable. But if people do not support a political force in the election, how can they continue to physically dominate an area – the size of one-third of an assembly constituency?

    The answer was a new nexus between Trinamul Congress, the leading light of the opposition in Bengal and the Maoists. Both the state and the central intelligence agencies had got information that a group of Maoist operatives have entered Nandigram from Jharkhand. It was being led by one who was wanted for the murder of a JMM MP. Maoist literature announcing they have established a liberated zone in Nandigram was reported in a national daily. The presence of landmines and even an ammunition factory now have vindicated this development. This has also been confirmed by the National Security Advisor. The entry of Maoists in the occupied zone meant a spurt in the killings and other nefarious activities and expansion of the occupied territory.

    In a situation where political solution was unavailable, the atmosphere to immobilise the police received full-throated support of the entire political opposition, the government had no other alternative but to request for the central paramilitary forces for Nandigram. This was also opposed by the same political bandwagon and surprisingly by a Central Minister Priyaranjan Das Munshi. The Chief Minister made the request on Oct. 25, but it eventually reached the state only on Nov.10.

    It is an irony that those who had stopped the police from going in to enforce the `occupation’ of Nandigram are now crying hoarse over its `re-occupation’ in the absence of police and CRPF. It is ironic that the desperation which the people who had been evicted from their life and livelihood have displayed to return back to their homes will be construed as armed re-occupation.

    Nandigram is returning back to the normal. Normal life is resumed, roads and bridges have started getting repaired, bridges are being re-joined, panchayats have started functioning – all these on the basis of decisions in the all-party meetings which eluded in the past. Those who were homeless for the last eleven months have returned, those who were fleeing for the fear of reprisal are also returning back. Nandigram is breathing free.

    Meanwhile, CRPF continues to march on the village roads in those areas of Nandigram, which wore a haunted look in the past. And, they keep on uncovering the trail of the armed occupation and the Maoist presence – landmines detonators and so on and so forth. Three Maoists have already been arrested from the vicinity, who were holed up in Nandigram.

    But this peace and sense of relief of the people of Nandigram regardless of political affiliation is not universally shared. Lal Krishna Advani is not happy. Mamta Banerjee is not happy. Medha Patkar is not happy. Even Governor Gandhi’s Diwali spirits have dampened. There is a search for dead bodies on a scale that can justify calling the return of the homeless – a carnage. And, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya can be brought down to the gutter level. Obviously, for the mainstream media this is news, not the interregnum that only hurt those who were killed, and raped and thrown out of their forefathers land because they are not news for the `civil society’.

    Comment by Somnath — December 6, 2007 @ 6:48 pm

  79. The heading is ‘The story behind Nandigram by Nilotpal Basu’ and the messege sent by some ‘somnath’.That means the person Somenath has nothing to say of his own. He is just His Master’s Voice.And I think the Nilotpal Basu is the leader and an MP of CPM.This is an example of what is the present condition of Bengali intellegentia now under the RED regime.

    Comment by mousumi — December 25, 2007 @ 3:27 pm

  80. There have been people writing here that only the opposition under Mamata is creating the problem and Budhdha Babu is trying to take the state ahead.

    IN the month of May 2008 I have some specific questions to them.

    1.Everyone is saying when Budhdha Babu announced that there would be no chemical Hub then why is this problem.Well,this is the same BUdhdha Babu who announced that 95% owners in Singur have given their lands willingly(which is a crude lie) and that figure changed to less than 60% when it was challenged at court.So when he can lie in a public meeting earlier and mislead people,who would believe this lier again?

    2.Why Nandigram and Khejuri has been barred from reporters and other reminnet personalities like Aparna,Shaoli etc?why they were not allowed to enter?

    3.Why the Govt couldn’t deploy militery from the very first day(as they did in Kolkata) and comb and find out all weapons?(which ever party may have that).Militery was deployed in hours in kolkata.Why couldn’t it be done there?

    4.Why Laxman seth has to threat Mr Alokraj?

    5.Why in Basanti RSP members are being attacked?

    Actually after saying so many lies,these people have themselves got confused what they are saying and what they are now.People trying to justify this killers and liers are digging their grave only.

    Comment by Abby — May 17, 2008 @ 12:34 pm

  81. [...] farmers in Nandigram try to defend their own land and get dubbed ‘terrorists‘ and ‘anti-nationals‘ by the [...]

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